Claudia Nentwich - Singer/Songwriter - Autorin  
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Born in the south of Germany, singer-songwriter and author Claudia Nentwich was brought up by her Bohemian grandparents. She sang and played folk songs with her grandfather.

Many years later it was Punk that gave her life a new direction. The three chord philosophy and its riot girl attitude catapulted her into the spotlight with a punk band called “Sagrotan”.

She fell in love with Barcelona and the Spanish life style and stayed for almost two years. Inspired by the singer-songwriters she met along the way she started to write her own songs.

The former island of West Berlin was the next stop on her journey. A breeding ground for many artists, she practised everything, from singing in musicals and rock bands, working in bars and as a journalist. Always curious to find out what´s behind the next door.

Seven CDS and three books she has published so far. In 2007 she launched the international songwriter circle Songs ohne Boot and started inviting songwriters to share the stage with her. Over the last 20 years she has been involved in many international songwriting collaborations and performed all over Europe.